Review: The Victory of the Cross – Salvation in Eastern Orthodoxy by James R. Payton Jr.

For many evangelicals Eastern Orthodoxy is compelling, if not for its seemingly evangelical convictions (contrasted with “Rome”), but for the fact that for many it remains a rather mysterious entity. Thus, introductions to Orthodoxy written for Protestant or evangelical audiences abound. [Sidenote: Why aren’t more of these kinds of introductions being written about Roman Catholicism?]Continue reading “Review: The Victory of the Cross – Salvation in Eastern Orthodoxy by James R. Payton Jr.”

Why Does Anything Exist?

The answer to that question, as is the answer to every question (as Sunday school kids would say), is Christ…. [The Incarnation] is the great and hidden mystery, at once the blessed end for which all things are ordained. It is the divine purpose conceived before the beginning of created things. In defining it we wouldContinue reading “Why Does Anything Exist?”

5 Great Deals for Your Kindle

What I love about the Kindle is that every once in a while you will find awesome deals – often at $0.99 or $1.99. Today I discovered four great books, and I got them all! Here they are in their categories: Church History Rediscovering the Church Fathers: Who They Were and How They Shaped theContinue reading “5 Great Deals for Your Kindle”

Book Review – Fight: A Christian Case for Non-Violence by Preston Sprinkle

“I do not believe that Jesus wants Christians to use violence. And if I can be so blunt: I think that a large portion of the American Evangelical church has been seduced, whether knowingly or not, by nationalistic militarism. Yet our inspired Word of God aggressively critiques this very thing….” – Preston Sprinkle (Fight: AContinue reading “Book Review – Fight: A Christian Case for Non-Violence by Preston Sprinkle”

“Words are Hard” – St. Basil

St. Basil actually coined the phrase “words are hard.” Well not really, however he did think that some people are not too talented in the way they use their words and in the way they understand words. This is especially evident in his book On the Holy Spirit. In the first part of the bookContinue reading ““Words are Hard” – St. Basil”

St. Basil on Loaded Questions

In the classroom I often come across the ever annoying phenomenon we call the “loaded question.” You know the one I am talking about, its the argumentative question, the question where the student already knows the answer but is actually trying to make a point. Its the type of question where the student flat outContinue reading “St. Basil on Loaded Questions”

Did Jesus Have to Die on a Cross? Athanasius’ Response (Pt. 2)

Last time we looked at Athansius’ Four Reasons why Jesus died on a cross as opposed to some other way. Those responses were directed primarily at non-Christians and skeptics. Today we take a look at his response to “anyone from among us (who) asks, not as a lover of contention but as a lover ofContinue reading “Did Jesus Have to Die on a Cross? Athanasius’ Response (Pt. 2)”

Did Jesus Have to Die on a Cross? Athanasius’ Response (Pt. 1)

A while ago I took an atonement seminar with Oliver Crisp, among the discussions that we had, one student, Gavin Ortlund (the son of Gospel Coalition Pastor Ray Ortlund) brought up a really interesting question: “Did Jesus have to die on a cross? Could it have been a guillotine (if they had those), or couldContinue reading “Did Jesus Have to Die on a Cross? Athanasius’ Response (Pt. 1)”

Why Did God Rescue Humanity?

Why does God save us through Jesus Christ? My theological hero, Jonathan Edwards, has argued that God saves for the sake of his own glory, which is simultaneously what is best for us. John Piper has famously adopted this same line of thought. Yet the idea that God saves us, through Jesus Christ, for theContinue reading “Why Did God Rescue Humanity?”

Why Did the Son Become Incarnate?

Why did the Son become incarnate? That is a good question. Several people on the A-Team (Athanasius, Augustine, Aquinas and Anselm) have all taken a shot at answering this question. Usually the answer gets tied in to the doctrine of atonement. Here is what Athanasius has to say about that question: For speaking of theContinue reading “Why Did the Son Become Incarnate?”