“Gospel Wakefulness” in The Letter to Diognetus

In the second half of the second century there was a shift in what type of literature Christians were writing. No longer were their letters and treatises simply pastoral or formational in nature, they began to be apologetic. That is, they began to make presentations for why one ought to hold to faith in Christ.Continue reading ““Gospel Wakefulness” in The Letter to Diognetus”


5 Great Deals for Your Kindle

What I love about the Kindle is that every once in a while you will find awesome deals – often at $0.99 or $1.99. Today I discovered four great books, and I got them all! Here they are in their categories: Church History Rediscovering the Church Fathers: Who They Were and How They Shaped theContinue reading “5 Great Deals for Your Kindle”

Baptist Views on the Lord’s Supper (Pt. 2)

Last time we took a brief look at the history of Baptist views on the Lord’s Supper. Today we will take a look at two Baptist theologians who hold a Zwinglian view of the Lord’s Supper. The two theologians are Millard Erickson and James McClendon Jr. Millard Erickson Erickson’s 2nd Edition of Christian Theology isContinue reading “Baptist Views on the Lord’s Supper (Pt. 2)”

Baptist Views on the Lord’s Supper (Pt. 1)

When talking about Baptist views on the Lord’s supper we must begin by recognizing that there is no official Baptist Position on the LS. Traditionally Baptists have not been confessional, thus Baptists have much freedom in deciding how they understand the LS. Thus in speaking of the “Baptist position” it is more accurate to speakContinue reading “Baptist Views on the Lord’s Supper (Pt. 1)”