“Words are Hard” – St. Basil

St. Basil actually coined the phrase “words are hard.” Well not really, however he did think that some people are not too talented in the way they use their words and in the way they understand words. This is especially evident in his book On the Holy Spirit. In the first part of the bookContinue reading ““Words are Hard” – St. Basil”

I’m at a Loss for Words (Or How Our Language Gets Watered Down)

A few days ago I heard about Domino’s Artisan Pizzas, maybe I’m late on this train but they look really good. They have an Italian Pepper & Sausage Pizza, a Tuscan Veggie and Salami Pizza, and a Spinach and Feta Pizza, just to name a few. They truly look delicious, but I really wonder aboutContinue reading “I’m at a Loss for Words (Or How Our Language Gets Watered Down)”