Why Does Anything Exist?

The answer to that question, as is the answer to every question (as Sunday school kids would say), is Christ…. [The Incarnation] is the great and hidden mystery, at once the blessed end for which all things are ordained. It is the divine purpose conceived before the beginning of created things. In defining it we wouldContinue reading “Why Does Anything Exist?”

Redemption & Limited Atonement

Redemption is a comprehensive term regarding our salvation through justification, expatiation, and reconciliation in Christ. It is eschatological and teleological. It is the consummation of Gods’ redeeming purposes in the new creation. It tells us that glorification is an essential part of our salvation. In Atonement Torrance runs through the uses of the words forContinue reading “Redemption & Limited Atonement”

T.F. Torrance’s Mechanism of Atonement

It has often been said that T.F. Torrance’s “mechanism” (the means by which atonement is accomplished) of atonement is the vicarious humanity of Christ. However I’m starting to think that the vicarious humanity of Christ is just a part of a larger mechanism of atonement – which is actually union. I recently came across aContinue reading “T.F. Torrance’s Mechanism of Atonement”

Book Review – Found in Him by Elyse Fitzpatrick

My love of the doctrine of our union with Christ began about a year ago. I was taking a class on the atonement with Oliver Crisp, and I was assigned to present a paper on T.F. Torrance’s Atonement. It was supposed to be an exposition and critique of Torrance’s doctrine of the atonement. However IContinue reading “Book Review – Found in Him by Elyse Fitzpatrick”

In Awe of Jesus (Pt. 2)

Yesterday I shared a short excerpt from T.F. Torrance’s book Preaching Christ Today: The Gospel and Scientific Thinking. Today I want to share another excerpt where he shares why he is in awe of Jesus. Again I want to point out the fact that we are witnessing real gospel-preaching in the midst of an academicContinue reading “In Awe of Jesus (Pt. 2)”

In Awe of Jesus (Pt. 1)

Thinking about Jesus should really make us feel awe, because Jesus is awesome (in the truest sense of the word)… In his short book Preaching Christ Today: The Gospel and Scientific Thinking T.F. Torrance shares a little bit about why he is in awe of Jesus: It has been my custom since I was aContinue reading “In Awe of Jesus (Pt. 1)”

Gospel Theology (Pt. 2) – Incarnation

In my last post I mentioned the fact that certain key doctrines are decided or settled on or strengthened by the gospel. Some doctrines are the logical consequence of the gospel, a great example of this sort of doctrine is the doctrine of the Hypostatic Union: In Christ the fullness of deity and the fullnessContinue reading “Gospel Theology (Pt. 2) – Incarnation”

Justification Really is Just!

A few weeks ago I had a college student come set up a lunch meeting with me. The student is about to go to southeast Asia for a year to receive some missions training. So I meet up with this guy and figured that he wants to talk about missions; after all he knows thatContinue reading “Justification Really is Just!”