The Direction of Atonement in Luther’s Theology

When it comes to atonement theologies people often break them up into classic, satisfaction, and subjective categories. However it might be better to classify atonement theories according to whom the atonement is directed towards. For instance, Patristic atonement theories tend to say that Christ’s work aims at achieving something in regard to the “powers.” AnselmianContinue reading “The Direction of Atonement in Luther’s Theology”

Did Jesus Have to Die on a Cross? Athanasius’ Response (Pt. 2)

Last time we looked at Athansius’ Four Reasons why Jesus died on a cross as opposed to some other way. Those responses were directed primarily at non-Christians and skeptics. Today we take a look at his response to “anyone from among us (who) asks, not as a lover of contention but as a lover ofContinue reading “Did Jesus Have to Die on a Cross? Athanasius’ Response (Pt. 2)”

The Poetry of George Herbert: “The Sacrifice” (Pt. 2)

Last time I began to write about George Herbert’s poem “The Sacrifice.” As you now know, its a sort of Lament put into the mouth of Jesus. Herbert shows us the grief and agony, not simply the physical agony, but the emotional agony which Jesus suffered on his way to the cross. Herbert does thisContinue reading “The Poetry of George Herbert: “The Sacrifice” (Pt. 2)”