Kevin Vanhoozer on the Task of Preaching

What do we “do” as preachers? Are we giving people more information (biblical, practical, spiritual)? Are we giving them encouragement? Are we shaping their affections? Kevin Vanhoozer has a suggestion…. From The Drama of Doctrine: The ministry of the Word involves far more than ideas. Thanks to a host of postmodern prophets, we are moreContinue reading “Kevin Vanhoozer on the Task of Preaching”

Theology as Discipleship

Theology is irrelevant to our life as Christians. At least that’s what many evangelicals tend to believe. There is this thought that runs through much of evangelicalism that theology is either irrelevant because we should be focusing on practical things. There is also another line of thought that seems to believe that theology is dangerousContinue reading “Theology as Discipleship”

Why The Spirit Inside You is Better than Jesus Beside You

Jesus gave the Holy Spirit to serve the purposes of the gospel. The Holy Spirit first enables us to believe the gospel and then continually re-opens our eyes to its beauties… He empowers us to carry that gospel throughout the whole world. The Holy Spirit is given in the gospel, for the purposes of theContinue reading “Why The Spirit Inside You is Better than Jesus Beside You”

Grace vs. Works

Is the gospel of grace opposed to good works? Should Christians who are pursuing God and his grace pursue good works with all that they are? By no means… Check out what Calvin says about being devoted to good works: We, too, when treating of the righteousness of faith, do not contend against the substanceContinue reading “Grace vs. Works”

“Gospel Wakefulness” in The Letter to Diognetus

In the second half of the second century there was a shift in what type of literature Christians were writing. No longer were their letters and treatises simply pastoral or formational in nature, they began to be apologetic. That is, they began to make presentations for why one ought to hold to faith in Christ.Continue reading ““Gospel Wakefulness” in The Letter to Diognetus”

Exposed – Remember the Cross

Yesterday in our Masks mini-series we talked about “Masks” and how we put them on to hide from ourselves, from God, and especially from other people.  I offered you the second step to taking off your mask – today I offer you last and most important step… Remember the Cross Chances are that when youContinue reading “Exposed – Remember the Cross”

Creating Wiggle Room for Calvinists (Deviant Calvinism Book Review)

The anti-Calvinist blogs will never stop spinning the same message – Calvinism as a system is cruel, it creates a monster God, its fatalistic, and it is pessimistic (just to name a few “characteristics” of Calvinism). Roger Olson, a proponent of anti-Calvinism (who sort of reminds me of hard-nosed pro-Calvinist fundamentalists) has said that IfContinue reading “Creating Wiggle Room for Calvinists (Deviant Calvinism Book Review)”

A Non-Christian Walks Into A Bar…

No its not the beginning of a joke. Its the beginning of a typical interaction. You and your buddies are hanging out having a beer, and your non-Christian friend asks you about this whole “God thing” that you are into. Why do you believe all this stuff? Who is Jesus, and why did this JesusContinue reading “A Non-Christian Walks Into A Bar…”