Reforming the Law: John Calvin and the Use of the Law in Geneva (Pt. 1)

Addressing “The Pattern of the Law for Piety,” John Calvin states that the law profits believers in two ways: 1) it instructs us about God’s will and 2) it exhorts Christians to obey it. Given these two functions of the law, which are related to its “third use” (McKee, 266), we may wonder what roleContinue reading “Reforming the Law: John Calvin and the Use of the Law in Geneva (Pt. 1)”

John Calvin & the Four Nicene Marks of the Church

One theme that emerges throughout Calvin’s works as well as some Calvin biographies is the importance he places upon ecclesiology. We see this in various ways, for instance in his fight for the unity of the protestant movement, in his emphasis on the proper understanding of the Eucharist, and his constant attempts at establishing churchContinue reading “John Calvin & the Four Nicene Marks of the Church”

Pentecostal Outpourings: Revival and the Reformed Tradition

Pentecostal Outpourings! That definitely doesn’t sound like the title of a book which has a major emphasis on the puritans in the reformed tradition. Nevertheless, it’s a term that’s quite appropriate for describing a number of revivals in the Reformed Tradition during the 18th and 19th centuries. After all, what exactly happened at Pentecost? WellContinue reading “Pentecostal Outpourings: Revival and the Reformed Tradition”

Universal Atonement & The Sin of Unbelief

In a recent blog I posted I summarized Oliver Crisp’s recent argument that there is significant room within some key reformed confessions for one to hold on to a doctrine of atonement that excludes limited atonement and is open to universal atonement. I.e. that Christ died no just for the sins of the elect, butContinue reading “Universal Atonement & The Sin of Unbelief”

Creating Wiggle Room for Calvinists (Deviant Calvinism Book Review)

The anti-Calvinist blogs will never stop spinning the same message – Calvinism as a system is cruel, it creates a monster God, its fatalistic, and it is pessimistic (just to name a few “characteristics” of Calvinism). Roger Olson, a proponent of anti-Calvinism (who sort of reminds me of hard-nosed pro-Calvinist fundamentalists) has said that IfContinue reading “Creating Wiggle Room for Calvinists (Deviant Calvinism Book Review)”

Limited Atonement vs. “Unlimited” Atonement

Most people tend to think that if one is reformed one is required to hold to the doctrine of limited atonement, the doctrine which says that the cope of Christ’s atoning work is accomplished on behalf of and applied only to the elect. In a recent article on “hypothetical universalism” (hear unlimited or universal atonement,Continue reading “Limited Atonement vs. “Unlimited” Atonement”

Book Review – Wesley on the Christian Life: A Heart Renewed in Love by Fred Sanders

Trust me I am not one of those reformed guys. I’m young, I’m reformed, but I’m not restless. I love other Christian traditions, I’m not a reformed or nothing kind of guy but at times I have been tempted to have a superior attitude towards Methodism and the other Wesleyan traditions. Let me explain why,Continue reading “Book Review – Wesley on the Christian Life: A Heart Renewed in Love by Fred Sanders”

The Antinomian Calvinist

I have often heard that the preaching of the gospel leads to antinomianism… When I ask what people mean they often say something along the lines of “calvinism leads to a disregard for the law” i.e. Calvinists are antinomian. Check out what Scot McKnight (someone who is not a Calvinist) has to say about thisContinue reading “The Antinomian Calvinist”

Jonathan Edwards: A Brief Theological Biography (Pt. 2)

Edward’s Theology There are several key themes in the theology of Edwards, today I would like to take up two. These key themes are the concepts of freedom and divine grace, “which can be regarded as a pivotal notion of his theology.”[1] A sermon which Edwards preached at his grandfather’s memorial service entitled “Living UnconvertedContinue reading “Jonathan Edwards: A Brief Theological Biography (Pt. 2)”

Jonathan Edwards and Typology

My theological interests are all over the place lately. Recently I have been really interested in typological reading of the OT. Its kind of cool because it coincides with me teaching a class on 2 Samuel at Eternity Bible College in a few weeks. On top of typology I have also been really interested inContinue reading “Jonathan Edwards and Typology”