Tolerance is impossible…

To insist that all religions are right, that all the roads are going to the same place, is actually silly… We’d have to be intellectually intolerant. Hitler, for example, believed he was on a divine mission… Nazism really had very religious roots, and yet the world by consensus has decided that it’s not valid. AsContinue reading “Tolerance is impossible…”

Tim Keller’s Opinion of Disney’s “Frozen” (and the Identity Narrative)

In his latest book Preaching Tim Keller addresses five narratives the modern mind tells itself that function almost as self-evident indisputable truths. Among these are: The Rationality Narrative The History Narrative The Society Narrative The Morality/Justice Narrative The Identity Narrative The “Identity narrative” says that we must discover our deepest desires and longings and thenContinue reading “Tim Keller’s Opinion of Disney’s “Frozen” (and the Identity Narrative)”

What Should Preachers Be Reading?

What would you say to a preacher who feels intimidated by all he feels he needs to read in order to “speak to the culture”? Where should he start? He needs to start noticing the cultural water he swims in every day. You don’t need to start with heavy tomes. Look at the music videos onContinue reading “What Should Preachers Be Reading?”

Preaching to Non-Believers

Trevin Wax on Preaching to Non-Believers…. There is one thing Stanley and Keller agree on: preachers ought to be mindful of the unbelievers in their congregation. Different Reasons for the Same Practice Stanley and Keller may be worlds apart in terms of their theological vision for ministry, but they both maintain that a preacher shouldContinue reading “Preaching to Non-Believers”

Top Ten Books of 2014

Christmas is the best time of the year to make lists! Santa Claus is checking his list of kids who were naughty and nice, deciding which kids are going to get presents and which kids are going to get coal. The nice kids are making lists of toys they want. (God bless the greedy littleContinue reading “Top Ten Books of 2014”

Martin Luther on Prayer & Meditation

I just finished Tim Keller’s new book on prayer. It is at one theological, practical, and pastoral. Overall it was a great book. However, there were a few chapters that really stuck out to me. One of those chapters was a chapter where Keller covers Augustine’s, Luther’s, and Calvin’s theology of prayer through the examinationContinue reading “Martin Luther on Prayer & Meditation”

How Did Tim Keller Learn to Pray?

Prayer is hard. If you struggle to maintain a consistent prayer life you aren’t alone. In fact that is precisely whey famed 17th century poet George Herbert wrote that prayer is a “heart in pilgrimage.” No he wasn’t talking about the pilgrims we celebrate during thanksgiving. He was talking about the pilgrim (much like theContinue reading “How Did Tim Keller Learn to Pray?”

Two Types of Preaching – Cognitive and Affective

I read and write a lot while on planes, so when I knew I would be spending 30 or so hours going to Liberia and back I knew I was supposed to take some books I had planned on taking time to read and think deeply about but hadn’t had the time to do soContinue reading “Two Types of Preaching – Cognitive and Affective”

Calvin, College Students, and the Arts

I work with college students so a discussion regarding Christianity and the arts is a typical occurrence. About a month ago it came up in a different way that I was used to. I was used to being asked, what should Christian involvement in the arts look like? However this time I was asked aContinue reading “Calvin, College Students, and the Arts”