“Gospel Wakefulness” in The Letter to Diognetus

In the second half of the second century there was a shift in what type of literature Christians were writing. No longer were their letters and treatises simply pastoral or formational in nature, they began to be apologetic. That is, they began to make presentations for why one ought to hold to faith in Christ.Continue reading ““Gospel Wakefulness” in The Letter to Diognetus”


Why Christmas Needs Fog and Lasers – Or Some Implications of the Incarnation

I normally don’t do this sort of thing, but I know I just had to say something. The truth is, I’m not big on twitter feuds, blog feuds, family feuds, or the medieval feudal system, but when something says something that I feel has the potential to undercut an important element of our faith, IContinue reading “Why Christmas Needs Fog and Lasers – Or Some Implications of the Incarnation”

This Paycheck’s Book Purchases (October 12th)

Every time I get paid I buy a couple of books. Right now I am buying as many books as I can read in a two week span because I know that once I get married my book budget is really going to shrink. Anyway, this pay period I bought three books. I think myContinue reading “This Paycheck’s Book Purchases (October 12th)”