Jurassic World Comes Really Close to Capturing the Magic of Jurassic Park…

For millennials like me Jurassic Park holds a special place in our hearts. The first movie was mind-blowing – for the first time ever Dinosaurs really came to life. Yes there were dinosaurs in movies before but there was nothing like it – they were living breathing dinosaurs on our screens – it was literallyContinue reading “Jurassic World Comes Really Close to Capturing the Magic of Jurassic Park…”

Welcome To Shelbyville – A “Political” Review

Welcome to Shelbyville is a documentary recounting the story of the town of Shelbyville, Tennessee during the 2008 presidential election; it recounts the reactions to his election by various different groups: Anglo-Americans, African Americans, Hispanics, and Somali Refugees. In addition to this, it also recounts the various groups’ reactions to a new group of SomaliContinue reading “Welcome To Shelbyville – A “Political” Review”

The Great Gatsby 2013 – A “Cinematographic” Review

Over the next few days reviews for The Great Gatsby will begin to flood the blogosphere. Many of these blogs will lament the fact that the film has been unfaithful to the novel by the same title (accusations of unfaithfulness abound…especially within the storyline.) I’m tempted to join the bandwagon and decry The Great GatsbyContinue reading “The Great Gatsby 2013 – A “Cinematographic” Review”