Simple Smallgroups (pt. 4): Pattern 1 – Connecting Your Own Group

I know its been a LONG time since I posted for this series…. but school is on break so here we go! ____________________________________________________ Pattern 1: Connecting (Your Group) When I was growing up I had two kinds of friends, the friends that were so close to me that we should pretty much be related andContinue reading “Simple Smallgroups (pt. 4): Pattern 1 – Connecting Your Own Group”

The Bible – The Word of God – Three Views: Part 6

This is part six of “The Bible – The Word of God.” Today we will be looking at some of the strengths and weaknesses of these three positions. By doing this hopefully we will be able to articulate a dogmatic account of Scripture that all orthodox Christian traditions will be able to affirm. ________________________________________________________ CriticalContinue reading “The Bible – The Word of God – Three Views: Part 6”

The Bible – The Word of God – Three Views: Part 2

This is part two of “The Bible – The Word of God.” Today we will be looking at the grammatical structure of the phrase “Word of God.” ________________________________________________________ “The Word of God” Before we go on to examine the claims made by these authors we must first analyze the grammar underlying the phrase “the wordContinue reading “The Bible – The Word of God – Three Views: Part 2”

Simple Smallgroups (pt. 3): Pattern 1 – Connecting

Pattern 1: Connecting I’m trying to keep these short, I promise! But sometime I just can’t help myself, I am a loquacious person. So the last time we took a look at how the three patterns play out in the Bible and in the history of the Church. This time we will take a moreContinue reading “Simple Smallgroups (pt. 3): Pattern 1 – Connecting”

Simple Smallgroups (pt. 2): Biblical Life Groups

Biblical Lifegroups Okay I know that the last “article”/post/lesson (what do I even call these things!) was pretty long…. I’m sorry, but I had to set down the groundwork before we could start building upon it. Anyway today’s article is going to be a lot shorter, I promise! So last time we took a lookContinue reading “Simple Smallgroups (pt. 2): Biblical Life Groups”

Simple Smallgroups: Three Simple Patterns

Simple Small Groups: Three Simple Patterns So recently I started to read this new book by a small groups pastor out in Kentucky. He started out as a skeptic about small groups but now he has fully bought into them. Naturally I wanted to see what he thought was so great about them so IContinue reading “Simple Smallgroups: Three Simple Patterns”

Cool Christian Beards (pt. 2): John Calvin

This week’s beard is a good one, perhaps even my favorite one. Not because of how cool the beard is, although it is quite cool, but because of how cool the man behind the beard is. I’m not going to lie, I have reformed leanings so this dude holds a special place in my heartContinue reading “Cool Christian Beards (pt. 2): John Calvin”

Creation and Evolution

Here are some of the most interesting stats: Pastors in the Northeast are more likely than their counterparts in any other region to strongly agree that God used evolution to create people. While 25 percent of Northeastern pastors strongly agree, only 13 percent in the West, 12 percent in the Midwest and 8 percent inContinue reading “Creation and Evolution”