Cool Christian Beards (pt. 3): B.B. Warfield

Its been a while since I last posted in our “Cool Christian Beards” series, but its time for the cool Christian beard to make a comeback! Today we have one of the most famous beard protestant theologians. Although he isn’t as famous as the bearded Calvin or the non-bearded Luther and Edwards, this bearded theologianContinue reading “Cool Christian Beards (pt. 3): B.B. Warfield”

Cool Christian Beards (pt. 2): John Calvin

This week’s beard is a good one, perhaps even my favorite one. Not because of how cool the beard is, although it is quite cool, but because of how cool the man behind the beard is. I’m not going to lie, I have reformed leanings so this dude holds a special place in my heartContinue reading “Cool Christian Beards (pt. 2): John Calvin”

Top 3 Sick Mustaches of the Day…

Off of Wes Welker’s Twitter account. Probably the best Mustache ever! I can’t decide if this is 1st or second! SO SICK! Wes Welker’s mustache. He is a professional mustache grower, or is he a pro football player? I can’t remember.