Niebuhr, Christ, and Culture (Pt. 1)

Niebuhr’s book Christ and Culture is a classic book on the history of the interaction between Christianity and the culture around it. Over the next few days I’m going to share some thoughts I have on this book…. Are his five types accurate? I think that Niebuhr’s typology pretty accurately represents my experience interacting withContinue reading “Niebuhr, Christ, and Culture (Pt. 1)”

Christ, Culture, and College Students – A Reformed Perspective (Pt. 4)

Last time we looked at the concept of cultural transformation. Today we turn to our third subject: cultural transformation and the Biblical meta-narrative. _________________________________ Transforming Culture and the Biblical Meta-Narrative There are many Christians throughout the history of the Church who have held the view that God desires to transform culture; that God desires someContinue reading “Christ, Culture, and College Students – A Reformed Perspective (Pt. 4)”

Prometheus, Christ, and Culture

The following post is an online forum post that I wrote for my Christ and Culture class. The assignment was to examine a Christian Website’s understanding of the interaction between Christ and culture. (Because this is part of an informal online discussion, I did not go out of my way to review spelling or grammar.)Continue reading “Prometheus, Christ, and Culture”