7 Theories of Human Nature

 Seven Theories of Human Nature is a general introduction to philosophical anthropology. Written by Leslie Stevenson, who was a Reader in Logic and Metaphysics at the University of St. Andrews, this book focuses not only on major theories of what it is to be a human being but it also makes suggestions for how toContinue reading “7 Theories of Human Nature”

Called or Converted? (Pt. 2)

A short while ago I began to address the question whether Paul was called or converted. It’s a question that has preoccupied a lot of scholars – especially in our post-holocaust world. It seems to many (including E.P. Sanders) that if you say that Paul converted away from Judaism and towards Christianity you are beingContinue reading “Called or Converted? (Pt. 2)”

The Cross + Guilty Feelings = Forgiveness!

The truth is that often we feel as though beating ourselves up and dwelling on our sin pleases God. You probably won’t admit this but if you really stop and think about it, you see the grain of truth in it. Its as though we think that God needs to be reminded of our sin.Continue reading “The Cross + Guilty Feelings = Forgiveness!”

The Next Pope Will Be…

A few weeks ago Pope Benedict XVI resgined from his positions as the Cardinal of Rome. To a certain extent this makes sense (though its virtually unprecedented). Here are some reasons why that made sense: He is old: He is the fifth oldest person to have been elected pope. He is an academic at heart:Continue reading “The Next Pope Will Be…”

College Services, Penal Substitution, and Lex Orandi Lex Credendi

So the following are some of my thoughts on Penal Substitution, Worship, and the formation of theology in light of our worship practices. Its a bit “stream of consciousness” so forgive me if there are some gaps in my logic and or some parts don’t make sense… ___________________________________ So Thursday I went to visit aContinue reading “College Services, Penal Substitution, and Lex Orandi Lex Credendi”

Church and Culture, Eschatology, and the Biblical Meta-Narrative

Question: How should the church engage culture? Should it seek to transform it? Answer: One of the major conflicts in evangelicalism revolves around the notion of how much the Church should engage culture. Although there is conflict, there are certain things that most traditions agree upon. For instance, there is agreement that the Church shouldContinue reading “Church and Culture, Eschatology, and the Biblical Meta-Narrative”

Interpreting the History of American Evangelicalism: 2 Lenses (Part 1)

It has been said that one of the themes in the history of evangelicalism is that energetic populist or democratic new movements eventually become more middle class and staid. One might seek to interpret the history of American Christianity in light of this lens (the democratization of American Christianity). However there are other primary lensesContinue reading “Interpreting the History of American Evangelicalism: 2 Lenses (Part 1)”

Healthcare: Reframing the Question

About a month ago I took a look at The Gospel Coalition’s Blog: FAQ’s. Here they provide summaries about current events and answer frequently asked questions regarding these current events. Most of these blogs have to do with popular culture or politics. One article that really jumped out at me was their article regarding theContinue reading “Healthcare: Reframing the Question”

Missiology: Urban Mission Part 5 – A Biblical Theology of the City

Over the next few days I will be posting some thoughts on an issue facing the future of the church, namely the explosion of urban populations. I will start by taking a look at some of the issues brought up by the urban explosion, and I will conclude by reflecting upon how the Gospel addressesContinue reading “Missiology: Urban Mission Part 5 – A Biblical Theology of the City”

Prometheus, Christ, and Culture

The following post is an online forum post that I wrote for my Christ and Culture class. The assignment was to examine a Christian Website’s understanding of the interaction between Christ and culture. (Because this is part of an informal online discussion, I did not go out of my way to review spelling or grammar.)Continue reading “Prometheus, Christ, and Culture”