Win a Free Book – The Happy Christian by David Murray

The Happy Christian is… A unique combination of biblical teaching, scientific research, and personal biography shows those who follow Jesus how to live joyful, purposeful lives. In The Happy Christian, professor and pastor David Murray blends the best of modern science and psychology with the timeless truths of Scripture to create a solid, credible guideContinue reading “Win a Free Book – The Happy Christian by David Murray”

Book Review – Wesley on the Christian Life: A Heart Renewed in Love by Fred Sanders

Trust me I am not one of those reformed guys. I’m young, I’m reformed, but I’m not restless. I love other Christian traditions, I’m not a reformed or nothing kind of guy but at times I have been tempted to have a superior attitude towards Methodism and the other Wesleyan traditions. Let me explain why,Continue reading “Book Review – Wesley on the Christian Life: A Heart Renewed in Love by Fred Sanders”

I Have a New Name! And So Do You!

I have been married for a few days now, so I sort of consider myself an expert on marriage, therefore its time to start blogging about my wisdom. Haha yeah right. I’m not so presumptuous, but I have been thinking about marriage and our relationship with Christ quite a bit. Elyse Fitzpatrick’s Found in HimContinue reading “I Have a New Name! And So Do You!”

Book Review – Prelude to Philosophy by Mark Foreman

My story is all too common. I was going on a mission trip to Uganda and I had sent support letters to my old high school teachers. In my letter I explained what God had been doing in my life and how he had led me to study philosophy at UCLA. That is when allContinue reading “Book Review – Prelude to Philosophy by Mark Foreman”

Upcoming Conference on the Philosophy and Theology of Hope

For those of you who are interested in philosophy and/or theology I would like to let you know that there is an awesome local philosophical-theology conference coming up in the L.A. area. Here is the description: Hope: Re-examinations of an Elusive Phenomenon Hope is an elusive phenomenon. For some it is Pandora’s most mischievous evil,Continue reading “Upcoming Conference on the Philosophy and Theology of Hope”

I am not Charismatic man, I swear!

“I am not Charismatic man, I swear! I’m not into this scene, I’m just here with a friend. Yeah…” Those are the words that came out of my friend’s mouth when I ran into him at a Pentecostal church meeting that my friends and I were visiting a few weeks ago. It almost felt likeContinue reading “I am not Charismatic man, I swear!”

Welcome To Shelbyville – A “Political” Review

Welcome to Shelbyville is a documentary recounting the story of the town of Shelbyville, Tennessee during the 2008 presidential election; it recounts the reactions to his election by various different groups: Anglo-Americans, African Americans, Hispanics, and Somali Refugees. In addition to this, it also recounts the various groups’ reactions to a new group of SomaliContinue reading “Welcome To Shelbyville – A “Political” Review”

Jonathan Edwards: A Brief Theological Biography (Pt. 1)

Jonathan Edwards has been recognized by many as the most important, if not the greatest, American theologian, philosopher, and preacher. His work and writings have been the subject of much academic interest, and it is without a doubt that he did much to shape American Evangelicalism. However, despite his prominence in academic studies most AmericansContinue reading “Jonathan Edwards: A Brief Theological Biography (Pt. 1)”

A Letter to a Confused Christian Artist

Hey Melissa, thanks for writing to me explaining your situation. I can definitely sympathize with you. At one point in life I was in a similar position that you are in now, of course I wasn’t an artist! (Nonetheless I was feeling called to a less “eternal” vocation). Just like you, people around me wereContinue reading “A Letter to a Confused Christian Artist”

Simple Smallgroups (pt. 8): Pattern 2 – Steps for Changing in Your Own Group

Last time we evaluated where our groups are along the “Changing” pattern. Today we continue this mini-series on spiritual growth in Lifegroups. In this blog we will take a look at some of the things you could be doing for in your Lifegroups to help them move along the change continuum. ____________________________________________________ Pattern 2: ChangingContinue reading “Simple Smallgroups (pt. 8): Pattern 2 – Steps for Changing in Your Own Group”