Eternity Bible College is Officially Accredited

For all of those who have been involved with Eternity Bible College, yesterday was a great day. We officially heard back from ABHE that the school is now accredited! This is great news for the institution and for the students as well. Here is an old video about what makes EBC distinct:  

What is the Relationship between the Church and the Academy?

The issue is of considerable contemporary relevance. A very large number of colleges and universities in the United States were founded by denominations of the Christian church. Some of the most famous — Harvard, Yale, Princeton — retain selected elements of this foundation — an architecturally distinguished college chapel, for instance, or prayers at graduationContinue reading “What is the Relationship between the Church and the Academy?”

What Does a Successful College Ministry Look Like?

Many college ministers are about to enter into a brand new season. For those of us who are starting new things on local college campuses there will definitely be a ton of pressure to provide “results” to the people back home at our churches. “Recruit new students, get people to make decisions for Christ, putContinue reading “What Does a Successful College Ministry Look Like?”

They are People too! – Getting to Know Your Campus

Ministry – whether its parish ministry, youth ministry, ministry in a mega church, or ministry in a community church – is all about getting to know your people. When you do college campus ministry that truth does not go out the door. However, what you need to know about your people changes a little bit.Continue reading “They are People too! – Getting to Know Your Campus”

Lost in Transition

“We are going to lose them…” Those words often get tossed around when church leaders discuss high school students making the transition into college. To a certain extent this is a legitimate worry – there are many factors in play as to why students get lost in transition. This is especially a concern for churchesContinue reading “Lost in Transition”

Why Cities (and Colleges) Matter

College Campuses are microcosms of the city. Let me explain…. A few weeks ago I read through Stephen Um and Justin Buzzard’s Why Cities Matter, since then I have read it one more time. I can’t recommend it highly enough. As I was reading it, similarities between a city and a college campus kept poppingContinue reading “Why Cities (and Colleges) Matter”

Book Review – Risky Gospel by Owen Strachan

There is a seed of courage hidden (often deeply, it is true) in the heart of the fattest and most timid hobbit, waiting for some final and desperate danger to make it grow.  – Tolkien Centuries of peace have made hobbits fat and timid. The same holds true for most Christians. We forget that weContinue reading “Book Review – Risky Gospel by Owen Strachan”

Undergraduate Doxology, I mean Philosophy

This is my final post in my Theology vs. Undergraduate Philosophy Series ( When Theology and Undergraduate Philosophy Clash and St. Paul on Perceptual Plasticity and Theoretical Neutrality… Kind of. ), I promise! But I just can’t resist posting this final paragraph. I really can’t believe that I ended the paper with the gospel and doxology! ChristianContinue reading “Undergraduate Doxology, I mean Philosophy”

Christ, Culture, and College Students – A Reformed Perspective (Pt. 3)

After a brief “interruption” with a mini-series on preaching out of Acts 2:42-47 we finally turn back to looking at Christ, Culture, and College students. In the last post we looked at what culture is and we talked about the cultural mandate. Today we turn to our second subject: the transformation of culture. _________________________________ TransformingContinue reading “Christ, Culture, and College Students – A Reformed Perspective (Pt. 3)”

Christ, Culture, and College Students – A Reformed Perspective (Pt. 2)

Last time I had said that “if we do not allow our theory to move into praxis then we have failed to perform the proper task of theology (orthopraxy).” This blog series aims at orthpraxy. Today we look at the first of four theological concepts regarding Christ and Culture and we will see how itContinue reading “Christ, Culture, and College Students – A Reformed Perspective (Pt. 2)”