John Calvin & the Four Nicene Marks of the Church

One theme that emerges throughout Calvin’s works as well as some Calvin biographies is the importance he places upon ecclesiology. We see this in various ways, for instance in his fight for the unity of the protestant movement, in his emphasis on the proper understanding of the Eucharist, and his constant attempts at establishing churchContinue reading “John Calvin & the Four Nicene Marks of the Church”

Apostolic Church Planting

Church planting is en vogue. You can find books upon books on the subject and even conferences on the topic that draw 1000’s of attendees. (I have to admit my favorite one of these conferences is Exponential.) But most church planting isn’t planting in the biblical sense. Yes it’s the start of new congregations, whichContinue reading “Apostolic Church Planting”

A Theological Commentary on Colossians

A while ago I wrote about how excited I was to at some point get my hands on the Brazos Theological Commentary on Colossians. Now I finally have made my way through it – and I’m still excited about the book! The Brazos Theological Commentary series exists for the sake of interpreting scripture in lightContinue reading “A Theological Commentary on Colossians”

Get to the Greeks!

Are fraternities and sororities at secular universities hard to reach? Yes. But it is absolutely possible to make an impact in those communities. I recently came across a video that shows how some campus ministers are doing that… via Beau Crosetto

Book Review – Primal Fire by Neil Cole

In the beginning there was “Missional,” then “Gospel-Centered,” and finally “APEST.” Don’t get me wrong I believe recovering the Ephesians 4 gifts (APEST) is super important, but at times it seems like it’s a niche that has been overpopulated, so when a new APEST book comes out you don’t need to take much notice –Continue reading “Book Review – Primal Fire by Neil Cole”

Missiology Book Review: Creating a Missional Culture (Part 2)

So last time I did what any book review is supposed to do, I summarized the contents of the book. This time I want to talk about the book’s strengths and weaknesses. Positives A good understanding of Culture and how culture works. Its evident that he draws quite a bit of his understanding of cultureContinue reading “Missiology Book Review: Creating a Missional Culture (Part 2)”

Missiology Book Review: Creating a Missional Culture (Part 1)

A few months ago I had lunch with the author of Creating a Missional Culture, we ended up going to eat at a Thai place near my church. Being from East Hollywood, JR Woodward was used to some really good authentic Thai food, so walking into the restaurant we were having lunch at I couldContinue reading “Missiology Book Review: Creating a Missional Culture (Part 1)”