Reformed Views on Predetermined Human Action

I recently came across a quote by Richard Muller (“Grace, Election and Contingent Choice” in The Grace of God, the Bondage of the Will) in which he disagrees with a commonly held misconception about Reformed views on Freedom. There he says: It was never the Reformed view that the moral acts of human beings areContinue reading “Reformed Views on Predetermined Human Action”

Book Review – The Soul by J.P. Moreland

It seems as though believing in the soul is out of fashion now a days, even among evangelicals. But J.P. Moreland, an evangelical philosopher, has stood up to defend the traditional Christian belief in the soul in his new book The Soul: How We Know It’s Real and Why it Matters. According to Moreland, thereContinue reading “Book Review – The Soul by J.P. Moreland”

Jonathan Edwards: A Brief Theological Biography (Pt. 2)

Edward’s Theology There are several key themes in the theology of Edwards, today I would like to take up two. These key themes are the concepts of freedom and divine grace, “which can be regarded as a pivotal notion of his theology.”[1] A sermon which Edwards preached at his grandfather’s memorial service entitled “Living UnconvertedContinue reading “Jonathan Edwards: A Brief Theological Biography (Pt. 2)”

Creation and Providence (Pt. 3)

The relationship between creation and providence is not one that is often considered. Usually when we talk about creation we think about the “7 day” or the creation/evolution debate. When we talk about providence we usually speak of God’s providence in “helping me get that job” or “keeping me from getting in that car accident.”Continue reading “Creation and Providence (Pt. 3)”