What is God up to in Younglife Uganda?

I sat there under a large umbrella sipping on my Stoney Tangawizi, aka the strongest ginger ale that will ever grace anyone’s taste buds. Sheltered from the hot Equatorial sun I waited 45 minutes for a man named Simon Peter, whom I had never met. But I was in no rush, I was chilling withContinue reading “What is God up to in Younglife Uganda?”


Jonah & The Vine

I have spent the last few weeks studying the book of Jonah for our series at Soma, Chasing Rebels… The first week we kicked things off with the notion that God pursues rebels like you and me. Today I want to jump forward to the end of the book – after Jonah has complained aboutContinue reading “Jonah & The Vine”

Get to the Greeks!

Are fraternities and sororities at secular universities hard to reach? Yes. But it is absolutely possible to make an impact in those communities. I recently came across a video that shows how some campus ministers are doing that… via Beau Crosetto

Why I’m Going Back to Junior College

The title is a bit deceptive, I am not going “back” to junior college; I am going to junior college for the first time. I have a masters from Fuller Seminary in theology and I graduated from UCLA with honors in philosophy. So why exactly am I going back to JC instead of going forwardContinue reading “Why I’m Going Back to Junior College”

Communities on Mission to our Neighborhoods (Pt. 2)

Last time we talked a bit about the need for community within our neighborhoods, this time around we will take a look at some of the more practical ways we could do this. ____________________________________ Question: How do we go about fostering community in our neighborhoods/college campuses? Answer: Since authentic community is based upon mutual loveContinue reading “Communities on Mission to our Neighborhoods (Pt. 2)”

Communities on Mission to our Neighborhoods (Pt. 1)

A community is a unified body of individuals with common characteristics or interests living together within a larger society.  If community is characterized by unity due to some common thread, where do we find “community” today?  According to John Drane in After Macdonaldization, suburbanization has led to the fragmentation of communities.  Suburbs were constructed inContinue reading “Communities on Mission to our Neighborhoods (Pt. 1)”

Missiology Book Review: Generous Justice

Tim Keller is a man after my own heart, which actually doesn’t say much because I have a wicked and sinful heart, but it is meant as a complement. In Generous Justice Keller presents a balanced and biblical approach to Justice and the Christian life. He doesn’t slide into political ideologies and shows that theContinue reading “Missiology Book Review: Generous Justice”