Book Review – Flesh by Hugh Halter

Open up any systematic theology and you will find a chapter on the incarnation. This chapter will usually revolve around metaphysical issues including anthropology, the Trinity, and discussion over the contradiction between categories of humanity and divinity. What you probably won’t find in that chapter is discussion about how incarnation informs our mission. Hugh HalterContinue reading “Book Review – Flesh by Hugh Halter”


The Missional Coffee Cup

I couldn’t decide. One made my life easier. The other had a bunch of bells and whistles but seemed like such a hassle. Both served fulfilled their purposes in their own ways. So I just stood there. Staring at both boxes. I knew I had to make a decision… Which coffee maker would I choose?Continue reading “The Missional Coffee Cup”

Communities on Mission to our Neighborhoods (Pt. 1)

A community is a unified body of individuals with common characteristics or interests living together within a larger society.  If community is characterized by unity due to some common thread, where do we find “community” today?  According to John Drane in After Macdonaldization, suburbanization has led to the fragmentation of communities.  Suburbs were constructed inContinue reading “Communities on Mission to our Neighborhoods (Pt. 1)”