Apostolic Church Planting

Church planting is en vogue. You can find books upon books on the subject and even conferences on the topic that draw 1000’s of attendees. (I have to admit my favorite one of these conferences is Exponential.) But most church planting isn’t planting in the biblical sense. Yes it’s the start of new congregations, whichContinue reading “Apostolic Church Planting”

Book Review – Replant by Darrin Patrick and Mark DeVine

“How a dying church can grow again,” the subtitle really caught my eye. I don’t know much about church planting, or rebooting, or replanting neither do I feel called to doing any of those things at this moment however I am always interested in learning about how to make dying/stagnant/cold churches grow again. That isContinue reading “Book Review – Replant by Darrin Patrick and Mark DeVine”

Why I’m Going Back to Junior College

The title is a bit deceptive, I am not going “back” to junior college; I am going to junior college for the first time. I have a masters from Fuller Seminary in theology and I graduated from UCLA with honors in philosophy. So why exactly am I going back to JC instead of going forwardContinue reading “Why I’m Going Back to Junior College”