John Calvin on the Benefits of Baptism

A century after his death, William Poole excluded Calvin from his 1669 Synopsis Criticorum because supposedly Calvin was overly practical. Although in some ways Poole was off the mark with this critique, there is some truth in Calvin’s reputation as a pastor, primarily concerned with practical matters.  Calvin’s practical and pastoral concerns emerge in hisContinue reading “John Calvin on the Benefits of Baptism”

Regulators! Mount Up! (Or the Regulative Principle of Worship)

Back in 2007 I went to Uganda for the first time. It was a life-changing, vocation shaping trip. On that trip I formed friendships (with my team and with Africans) that have persisted even to this day. It was on that trip that I think I realized for the first time the truly universal natureContinue reading “Regulators! Mount Up! (Or the Regulative Principle of Worship)”

Karl Barth on The Meaning of the Lord’s Supper

In laying out Barth’s position on the Lord’s Supper we cannot properly speak of “Barth’s position” because Barth ended his Church Dogmatics (henceforth CD) before touching upon the Lord’s Supper (henceforth LS) extensively,[1] thus any reconstruction of Barth’s position is just that, a reconstruction and not an exposition. However what we can say with certaintyContinue reading “Karl Barth on The Meaning of the Lord’s Supper”

Baptist Views on the Lord’s Supper (Pt. 2)

Last time we took a brief look at the history of Baptist views on the Lord’s Supper. Today we will take a look at two Baptist theologians who hold a Zwinglian view of the Lord’s Supper. The two theologians are Millard Erickson and James McClendon Jr. Millard Erickson Erickson’s 2nd Edition of Christian Theology isContinue reading “Baptist Views on the Lord’s Supper (Pt. 2)”

Baptist Views on the Lord’s Supper (Pt. 1)

When talking about Baptist views on the Lord’s supper we must begin by recognizing that there is no official Baptist Position on the LS. Traditionally Baptists have not been confessional, thus Baptists have much freedom in deciding how they understand the LS. Thus in speaking of the “Baptist position” it is more accurate to speakContinue reading “Baptist Views on the Lord’s Supper (Pt. 1)”

Eucharistic Theology and Ecclesiology

A few weeks ago Fuller seminary’s book store was shutting down and having a 90% off sale. Yes 90% off. I had mixed feelings; I was ecstatic that I could buy books for 90% but I was also sad because another local bookstore was shutting down. There really is somethings special about picking up aContinue reading “Eucharistic Theology and Ecclesiology”