LATC 2017 – Knowledge Puffs Up, But Love Builds Up

Some notes on Chris Tilling’s break out session at LATC 2017… 1 Corinthians 8:1-7 Contains the epistemological issue Paul creates the contrast that structures what follows Knowledge puffs up, love builds up Knowledge as possession puffs up, he is not anti-intellectual. He is against a particular way of knowing. Paul articulates a relational/covenantal way ofContinue reading “LATC 2017 – Knowledge Puffs Up, But Love Builds Up”

Love and Epistemology (Abstract) – Biola’s CCT

This weekend I will be at Biola’s Center for Christian Thought presenting a paper on the topic of love and epistemology. It is titled: Amo ut Intelligam (I Love so That I May Understand): The Role of Love in Religious Epistemology. Below you can read the sort of long abstract: Abstract Most contemporary discussions aboutContinue reading “Love and Epistemology (Abstract) – Biola’s CCT”

The Meaning of Love – 5th Annual CCT Conference

A week from today I will be over at Biola’s campus for their 5th Annual Center for Christian Thought conference. This year’s topic is “The Meaning of Love.” The conference will be exploring questions like: What is love? What are the ethical implications of Jesus’s love commands? What should be made of the Christian notionContinue reading “The Meaning of Love – 5th Annual CCT Conference”

Internalism about Justification

Both Foundationalism and Coherentism are internalist accounts of justification. Both seem to be plagued by problems, in part because they are proposition based accounts of justification. Given this I’ve been tinkering around with some externalist accounts of justification. For those of you who are interested here are some problems with internalist accounts of justification: ItContinue reading “Internalism about Justification”

The Relation of Theology and Philosophy of Religion

What is the relationship between theology and philosophy of religion? Helen De Cruz (Assistant Professor of Philosophy, VU University of Amsterdam), Kevin Hector (Professor of Theology and Philosophy of Religion, University of Chicago Divinity School), Alan Torrance (Professor of Systematic Theology, University of St. Andrews) discuss this question.

What is the Most Important Work of Theology Written in the 21st Century?

What is the Most Important Work of Theology Written in the 21st Century? Only time will tell (we are only 15 years in!), but Oliver Crisp has given his opinion on what book it is: “I tell my students that Warranted Christian Belief is the most important work of theology that has been written soContinue reading “What is the Most Important Work of Theology Written in the 21st Century?”

Paul Moser’s Gethsemane Epistemology

Lately I have been reading Paul Moser’s The Severity of God: Religion and Philosophy Reconceived. The main argument of the book seems to be that: If there is a God then 1) we could expect that God to act in severe or strict ways and 2) we could expect life to be severe. As heContinue reading “Paul Moser’s Gethsemane Epistemology”

Book Review – How Do We Know? An Introduction to Epistemology by Dew and Foreman

A while ago I had the opportunity to write a review of Mark Foreman’s A Prelude to Philosophy. I absolutely loved the book – I recommended it to Christians who are becoming interested in philosophy, Christians who are taking philosophy as a college major, Christian philosophy professors, and college ministers who have students taking philosophyContinue reading “Book Review – How Do We Know? An Introduction to Epistemology by Dew and Foreman”

Why Didn’t the Church Just Stick with the Bible? (Pt. 1)- The Importance of Doing Theology

Over the next two days we will be looking at the importance of theology and the roots of anti-theological attitudes within the Evangelical church today. ______________________________________ In his book on Christology, Veli-Matti Karkkainen mentions some questions that theology students have often asked him on the first day of class: “What is the point of theseContinue reading “Why Didn’t the Church Just Stick with the Bible? (Pt. 1)- The Importance of Doing Theology”

Atonement and Epistemology: How T.F. Torrance’s Pneumatology Unites the Two

Over the last several months I have been very interested in T.F. Torrance’s theology. My interest in Torrance began when I took Oliver Crisp’s “Contemporary Theories of Atonement” class and read Torrance’s book “Atonement.” About a month ago I recieved a call for papers from the Evangelical Theological Society, this year’s Western Regional Conference wasContinue reading “Atonement and Epistemology: How T.F. Torrance’s Pneumatology Unites the Two”