LATC 2017: Dogmatics & Systematic Theology – Scott Swain

Here are some notes on Scott Swain’s plenary lecture at LATC 2017…. Introduction Bavinck: Dogmatic Theology is the knowledge God has revealed in his word to the church about the world and creatures as they stand in relation to him. Dogmatics exists because of the gospel of the glory of the blessed God. Some concernsContinue reading “LATC 2017: Dogmatics & Systematic Theology – Scott Swain”

LATC 2017 – Knowledge Puffs Up, But Love Builds Up

Some notes on Chris Tilling’s break out session at LATC 2017… 1 Corinthians 8:1-7 Contains the epistemological issue Paul creates the contrast that structures what follows Knowledge puffs up, love builds up Knowledge as possession puffs up, he is not anti-intellectual. He is against a particular way of knowing. Paul articulates a relational/covenantal way ofContinue reading “LATC 2017 – Knowledge Puffs Up, But Love Builds Up”

LATC 2017: Can I Get a Witness? Analytics, Poetics, and the Mission of Dogmatics – Kevin Vanhoozer

  Here are some lecture notes from Kevin Vanhoozer’s plenary session at LATC 2017 A-Introduction – the discourse of dogmatics: saying what is “in Christ” Who God is and what God is doing – “in Christ” For most of the 20th century Dogmatics is in the doghouse Which comes first in dogmatics? A experience, community,Continue reading “LATC 2017: Can I Get a Witness? Analytics, Poetics, and the Mission of Dogmatics – Kevin Vanhoozer”

Sanctified by Grace – Book Review

Last week, as a part of a blog tour, I began a series of blogs on Kent Eiler and Kyle Strobel’s 2014 book – Sanctified by Grace. Today I “officially” wrap things up with my review of the book! (Though I will still be writing about some of the essays in this book in theContinue reading “Sanctified by Grace – Book Review”

Jason Sexton’s Advice to Students – Serve the Church!

Jason Sexton, a Systematic Theologian who holds positions at USC and Cal State Fullerton and heads up the Theological Engagement with California’s Culture Project, advises those pursuing theological and biblical studies to serve the church consistently and faithfully in order to flourish during their education

“Only Two Things are Needed” – The Dogmatic Theology of Karl Barth

How does one go about doing theology? What sort of tools are needed? A bible, some books, a library, maybe a good search engine like google or Wikipedia (just joking there). Karl Barth gives us an answer to this question – What do you need to do theology? According to Barth, dogmatic theology is aContinue reading ““Only Two Things are Needed” – The Dogmatic Theology of Karl Barth”

This Paycheck’s Book Purchases (November 1st)

I got my EBC paycheck last week, so here are the two books I bought with it…. Theology in Transposition: A Constructive Appraisal of T. F. Torrance – Myk Habets Books about T.F. Torrance are actually quite rare. As I move towards doing my Th.M I hope to do work on Torrance (or Edwards). HopefullyContinue reading “This Paycheck’s Book Purchases (November 1st)”