Seeking Church by Dyrness and Duerksen – Book Notes

Seeking Church, by Dyrness and Deurksen, is driven by questions that arose because of the “emerging” or “insider movements” that are increasingly being witnessed at the fringes of where Christianity meets unreached areas. These movements have led missiologists and ecclesiologists to wonder how the members of these movements fit in to the structures of theContinue reading “Seeking Church by Dyrness and Duerksen – Book Notes”

Paul’s New Perspective

Paul’s New Perspective is Paul’s old perspective. That’s the Garwood Anderson’s thesis in Paul’s New Perspective. In this long (+400 page) but very readable book Anderson argues against those advocates of The New Perspective on Paul and those of the Traditional Protestant Perspective (sometimes called the Lutheran view) showing that neither camp really gets PaulContinue reading “Paul’s New Perspective”

An Invitation to Analytic Christian Theology

Analytic theology is one of the cool, sexy hip things happening. – Michael Bird Summary What is analytic theology? I’ve written quite a bit about that question on this blog before. And honestly, a lot of people have throw in their two cents regarding this question. But what we have in Thomas McCall’s An InvitationContinue reading “An Invitation to Analytic Christian Theology”

Faith and Reason: Three Views by Steve Wilkens

I believe that reason and faith are compatible. I believe that philosophy and theology should work together. I believe that each field should have sphere sovereignty. I believe that without God’s grace our reason is distorted. I believe that every sphere of inquiry is ultimately directed towards God. Quite unsurprisingly there are many out thereContinue reading “Faith and Reason: Three Views by Steve Wilkens”

Book Review – How Do We Know? An Introduction to Epistemology by Dew and Foreman

A while ago I had the opportunity to write a review of Mark Foreman’s A Prelude to Philosophy. I absolutely loved the book – I recommended it to Christians who are becoming interested in philosophy, Christians who are taking philosophy as a college major, Christian philosophy professors, and college ministers who have students taking philosophyContinue reading “Book Review – How Do We Know? An Introduction to Epistemology by Dew and Foreman”