Review: Insider Jesus by William Dyrness

William Dyrness’s book, Insider Jesus, is an attempt to provide a theological framework for evaluating “insider movements.” He adopts Scott Moreau’s definition of insider movements as, “movements to obedient faith in Christ that remain integrated with or inside their natural community.” (Dyrness 2016, 133) While Dyrness does not attempt to evaluate insider movements he presentsContinue reading “Review: Insider Jesus by William Dyrness”

The Trinity Among the Nations: The Doctrine of God in the Majority World

Theology in the late 20th and early 21st centuries has been marked by two trends. The first is a revival of Trinitarian theology. This trend has attempted to place the Trinity at the center of theology and church life. The second is a turn towards the majority world. It has been well documented that inContinue reading “The Trinity Among the Nations: The Doctrine of God in the Majority World”

The Relation of Theology and Philosophy of Religion

What is the relationship between theology and philosophy of religion? Helen De Cruz (Assistant Professor of Philosophy, VU University of Amsterdam), Kevin Hector (Professor of Theology and Philosophy of Religion, University of Chicago Divinity School), Alan Torrance (Professor of Systematic Theology, University of St. Andrews) discuss this question.

Book Review – The Suffering and Victorious Christ by Richard Mouw and Douglas Sweeney

Richard Mouw and Douglas Sweeney, The Suffering and Victorious Christ: Toward a More Compassionate Christology, Baker, 2013, 108pp. As evangelical Christians become more and more aware of the fact that Christian theology is not simply a western endeavor we will begin to so see more and more interaction between American Evangelical theology and Non-Western theology, inContinue reading “Book Review – The Suffering and Victorious Christ by Richard Mouw and Douglas Sweeney”

That’s Not in the Text!!!

Recently I have been doing some thinking about how our contexts affect our reading of Scripture. In doing my own little case study of how this plays out in “real life” I came across three different interpretations of Luke 15:11-32: one by Donald Juel, one by N.T. Wright, and finally one by Allan Powell. ThisContinue reading “That’s Not in the Text!!!”

Christological and Trinitarian Missiologies (pt. 2)

Today we wrap the comparison between the missiology of Samuel Escobar and Stephen Holmes by looking at their specific theologies of mission, then we conclude by comparing and contrasting them. ——————————————————————- Samuel Escobar             Escobar begins his paper by noticing the incorrectly held assumption that Christianity is essentially a western religion.[1] Because Christianity is notContinue reading “Christological and Trinitarian Missiologies (pt. 2)”

Christological and Trinitarian Missiologies (pt. 1)

Over the next few days I will be examining and comparing the missiology of Samuel Escobar and Stephen Holmes; at the end of the mini-series I hope it becomes evident that our cultural/social/traditional context affects how we do theology. ——————————————————————- Missiology is an interdisciplinary discipline, drawing from various fields like biblical studies, anthropology, linguistics, sociology,Continue reading “Christological and Trinitarian Missiologies (pt. 1)”

Edwards, Sin, and Latino Theology

So I am thinking about writing a paper for the Evangelical Philosophical Society…. Here is what I have so far for an abstract. Comments and thoughts are greatly appreciated! Jonathan Edwards: America’s Theologian? A Latino Evaluation of Jonathan Edward’s Hamartiology Robert Jenson has famously argued that Jonathan Edwards is “America’s theologian” because he meets theContinue reading “Edwards, Sin, and Latino Theology”