Walls Fall Down (Book Review)

In life you will certainly come against obstacles, trials, or problems that will make you feel overwhelmed, defeated, or just plain horrible. As a Pastor of a large church in LA pastor Dudley Rutherford has certainly see his fair share of couples who are going through marital troubles, parents whose children have gotten caught upContinue reading “Walls Fall Down (Book Review)”

The Direction of Atonement in Luther’s Theology

When it comes to atonement theologies people often break them up into classic, satisfaction, and subjective categories. However it might be better to classify atonement theories according to whom the atonement is directed towards. For instance, Patristic atonement theories tend to say that Christ’s work aims at achieving something in regard to the “powers.” AnselmianContinue reading “The Direction of Atonement in Luther’s Theology”