Some Reflections on “Divine Impassibility and the Uninfluenced Love of God”

On Wednesday March 8th the Analytic Theology Seminar had the pleasure of hosting Ryan Mullins, the Director of Communications and Research Fellow at the Logos Institute for Analytic and Exegetical Theology at the University of St. Andrews. Mullins endured an unbearably long flight across the pond, yet he managed to deliver a stimulating paper thatContinue reading “Some Reflections on “Divine Impassibility and the Uninfluenced Love of God””

Undergraduate Doxology, I mean Philosophy

This is my final post in my Theology vs. Undergraduate Philosophy Series ( When Theology and Undergraduate Philosophy Clash and St. Paul on Perceptual Plasticity and Theoretical Neutrality… Kind of. ), I promise! But I just can’t resist posting this final paragraph. I really can’t believe that I ended the paper with the gospel and doxology! ChristianContinue reading “Undergraduate Doxology, I mean Philosophy”