Why Cities (and Colleges) Matter

College Campuses are microcosms of the city. Let me explain…. A few weeks ago I read through Stephen Um and Justin Buzzard’s Why Cities Matter, since then I have read it one more time. I can’t recommend it highly enough. As I was reading it, similarities between a city and a college campus kept poppingContinue reading “Why Cities (and Colleges) Matter”

2 Thessalonians and Moorpark College

This morning I before I went to Moorpark I was reading 2 Thessalonians. What really jumped out to me was the wrath and punishment promised for those who don’t know Jesus: He will punish those who don’t know God and do not obey the gospel of our Lord Jesus. (2 Thess. 1:8) But that isn’tContinue reading “2 Thessalonians and Moorpark College”

It’s not a coincidence! Yes it is….

When somebody starts of a sentence by saying, “this might be just be a coincidence, but…” I immediately get skeptical. When somebody starts off a comment in class by saying “this might be a coincidence, but…” I immediately roll my eyes. Its my experience that most of the time when people say “this might justContinue reading “It’s not a coincidence! Yes it is….”