The Latin American Church

It is fairly common for Americans to believe that the West is the major exporter of new ideas and trends around the world. For instance, Mark Noll believes that “understanding American patterns provides insight for what has been happening elsewhere in the world.”[1] Although he does not believe this is due to direct causation, heContinue reading “The Latin American Church”

My Top 7 “Charismatic” Books

In light of the recent “Strange Fire” conference, here are a few Charismatic theology books that have helped to shape my own theology. They are in no particular order. Surprised by the Power of the Spirit by Jack Deere In this book, Jack Deere, a former professor at Dallas Theological Seminary & cessationist gives anContinue reading “My Top 7 “Charismatic” Books”

I am not Charismatic man, I swear!

“I am not Charismatic man, I swear! I’m not into this scene, I’m just here with a friend. Yeah…” Those are the words that came out of my friend’s mouth when I ran into him at a Pentecostal church meeting that my friends and I were visiting a few weeks ago. It almost felt likeContinue reading “I am not Charismatic man, I swear!”

Pentecostal Motivations for Mission

Today I want to Blog about something that I find interesting both theologically and practically. Its something that hits close to home: Pentecostalism and Mission. Specifically I want to Inform you about the “Pentecostal Motivations for Mission.” You see, I grew up going to a Pentecostal Church. I spent 17 years in a small hispanicContinue reading “Pentecostal Motivations for Mission”