Jonathan Edwards Week – A Recommended Reading List

So you want to get to know Edwards? But you don’t know where to start. I recommend that you start out with John Piper’s edition of The End for Which God Created the World in God’s passion for his glory. Then pick up they Yale reader which has a great collection of sermons. After thatContinue reading “Jonathan Edwards Week – A Recommended Reading List”

Undaunted for the Sake of the Gospel!

This February 27th – Piper, Platt, DeYoung, and Anyabwile will be putting on a conference about reaching the unreached people groups for the gospel. Its bound to be good! The best part is that its free to simulcast! Is Satan winning? Between the growing hostility to Christianity in America and the troubling reality of unbeliefContinue reading “Undaunted for the Sake of the Gospel!”

The Legacy of Jonathan Edwards

Currently on the Amazon Kindle store you can get a copy of A God Entranced Vision of All Things: The Legacy of Jonathan Edwards for just $1.99! If you are a fan of Jonathan Edwards I highly recommend that you do not pass up this deal! It contains essays by numerous Jonathan Edwards scholars asContinue reading “The Legacy of Jonathan Edwards”

Who is Paul Talking About in Romans 7?

This past week in my class on Romans and Galatians my students answered the following prompt: Who do you believe Paul is talking about in the famous passage in Romans 7:7-25? Provide reasons and evidence for your answer (see Kruse commentary, 314-21). This weekend, Preston Sprinkle (Professor & Vice-President of Eternity Boise) addressed this sameContinue reading “Who is Paul Talking About in Romans 7?”

Two Types of Preaching – Cognitive and Affective

I read and write a lot while on planes, so when I knew I would be spending 30 or so hours going to Liberia and back I knew I was supposed to take some books I had planned on taking time to read and think deeply about but hadn’t had the time to do soContinue reading “Two Types of Preaching – Cognitive and Affective”

Book Review – The Dude’s Guide to Manhood by Darrin Patrick

You have seen them. They like to congregate around weight benches and mirrors. They wear their cutoffs so you can see their ink. They have their hair gelled even when they work out. They always have a can of Monster or Redbull with them. And they drive a lifted truck. They are “men.” Or shellsContinue reading “Book Review – The Dude’s Guide to Manhood by Darrin Patrick”

Preaching in the Tradition of Jonathan Edwards

My hope in writing this post is that you would be encouraged to learn about preaching from one of the greatest American (British!) preachers that ever lived…. As you know I am very interested in the theology of Jonathan Edwards. Over my career as a student at Fuller I have written many papers on JonathanContinue reading “Preaching in the Tradition of Jonathan Edwards”