Today Christians all over the world celebrate an event that shook the entire course of humanity. This event is Resurrection or Easter Sunday. Because Christ has risen from the grave everything has changed. But first and foremost, Christ’s atonement for our sin has been made effective. This Easter Sunday take in and meditate on whatContinue reading “Resurrection”

Celebrating the Sabbath – 7 Old Testament Principles

Its Sunday! For most of us that means its our Sabbath. It’s the day when we go to church, eat lunch, and be lazy — because that’s the way God intended it. Right? Well not really. If you do a quick word study on the word “Sabbath” in the Old Testament certain principles emerge whichContinue reading “Celebrating the Sabbath – 7 Old Testament Principles”

Responsibility and Atonement (Pt. 3)

It’s Easter Weekend! Its the time of year we Christians celebrate Christ’s atoning work for us on the cross and his resurrection, which we participate in through baptism into Christ. In light of the fact that it is Easter weekend I will be blogging on Richard Swinburne’s Responsibility and Atonement this easter weekend. Today onContinue reading “Responsibility and Atonement (Pt. 3)”

Organizing My Sermon Thoughts (Pt. 3)

Hey fellow preachers and teachers. For a third time I thought it would be cool to let you in on how I organize my thoughts in preparing a sermon. I usually pray, approach the text, pray more, read again, pray, outline main ideas, form a rough outline, pray, then write out the sermon verbatim. IContinue reading “Organizing My Sermon Thoughts (Pt. 3)”