15 Life Giving Habits for Ministry

I really didn’t expect things to be like this – but its simply the way things turned out. Not that it was necessarily a bad thing – it was just unexpected. You see – this weekend is my friend’s birthday, and every year he plans a snowboarding/ski trip to either Big Bear or Mammoth. IContinue reading “15 Life Giving Habits for Ministry”


Preventing Pastoral Burnout

Without at doubt anybody who is involved in any sort of pastoral ministry is liable to “burn out.” Pastors, chaplains, and pastoral counselors are all at risk for burning out. In fact some studies have shown that… “protestant clergy had the highest overall work-related stress and were next to the lowest in personal resources toContinue reading “Preventing Pastoral Burnout”

Celebrating the Sabbath – 7 New Testament Principles

Its Sunday! Perhaps you have skipped out on church so you could read my highly awaited blog. Maybe you were up all night waiting… waiting ever so patientily for the 7 principles for Sabbath from the New Testament. But you probably weren’t Today we are doing part 2 of our Sabbath series. This time weContinue reading “Celebrating the Sabbath – 7 New Testament Principles”

Celebrating the Sabbath – 7 Old Testament Principles

Its Sunday! For most of us that means its our Sabbath. It’s the day when we go to church, eat lunch, and be lazy — because that’s the way God intended it. Right? Well not really. If you do a quick word study on the word “Sabbath” in the Old Testament certain principles emerge whichContinue reading “Celebrating the Sabbath – 7 Old Testament Principles”