Book Review – Found in Him by Elyse Fitzpatrick

My love of the doctrine of our union with Christ began about a year ago. I was taking a class on the atonement with Oliver Crisp, and I was assigned to present a paper on T.F. Torrance’s Atonement. It was supposed to be an exposition and critique of Torrance’s doctrine of the atonement. However IContinue reading “Book Review – Found in Him by Elyse Fitzpatrick”

O’ Holy Night

Tonight we celebrate the wonderful truth that King Jesus was born as a humble child, but that even in his humble manger he lays as the King of Creation. We celebrate that the fact that His gospel is a gospel that brings peace between us and God, between us and other people, and between usContinue reading “O’ Holy Night”

Why Christmas Needs Fog and Lasers – Or Some Implications of the Incarnation

I normally don’t do this sort of thing, but I know I just had to say something. The truth is, I’m not big on twitter feuds, blog feuds, family feuds, or the medieval feudal system, but when something says something that I feel has the potential to undercut an important element of our faith, IContinue reading “Why Christmas Needs Fog and Lasers – Or Some Implications of the Incarnation”

In Awe of Jesus (Pt. 2)

Yesterday I shared a short excerpt from T.F. Torrance’s book Preaching Christ Today: The Gospel and Scientific Thinking. Today I want to share another excerpt where he shares why he is in awe of Jesus. Again I want to point out the fact that we are witnessing real gospel-preaching in the midst of an academicContinue reading “In Awe of Jesus (Pt. 2)”

In Awe of Jesus (Pt. 1)

Thinking about Jesus should really make us feel awe, because Jesus is awesome (in the truest sense of the word)… In his short book Preaching Christ Today: The Gospel and Scientific Thinking T.F. Torrance shares a little bit about why he is in awe of Jesus: It has been my custom since I was aContinue reading “In Awe of Jesus (Pt. 1)”

Gospel Theology (Pt. 2) – Incarnation

In my last post I mentioned the fact that certain key doctrines are decided or settled on or strengthened by the gospel. Some doctrines are the logical consequence of the gospel, a great example of this sort of doctrine is the doctrine of the Hypostatic Union: In Christ the fullness of deity and the fullnessContinue reading “Gospel Theology (Pt. 2) – Incarnation”

Gospel Theology (Pt. 1) – Introduction

A few days ago I wrote a short blog about Michael Bird’s forthcoming systematic/biblical theology, Evangelical Theology. I am honestly excited to read it, because from the looks of it, it is truly going to be a “Gospel-Centered” Theology. Here is what Bird has to say about this: What we need, as a matter ofContinue reading “Gospel Theology (Pt. 1) – Introduction”

Justification Really is Just!

A few weeks ago I had a college student come set up a lunch meeting with me. The student is about to go to southeast Asia for a year to receive some missions training. So I meet up with this guy and figured that he wants to talk about missions; after all he knows thatContinue reading “Justification Really is Just!”

Why Did God Rescue Humanity?

Why does God save us through Jesus Christ? My theological hero, Jonathan Edwards, has argued that God saves for the sake of his own glory, which is simultaneously what is best for us. John Piper has famously adopted this same line of thought. Yet the idea that God saves us, through Jesus Christ, for theContinue reading “Why Did God Rescue Humanity?”

Why Did the Son Become Incarnate?

Why did the Son become incarnate? That is a good question. Several people on the A-Team (Athanasius, Augustine, Aquinas and Anselm) have all taken a shot at answering this question. Usually the answer gets tied in to the doctrine of atonement. Here is what Athanasius has to say about that question: For speaking of theContinue reading “Why Did the Son Become Incarnate?”