Call for Applications: Generations in Dialogue Cohort

An interesting opportunity for those involved in Evangelical-Catholic Dialogue: The Mullin Generations in Dialogue program is offered through the Institute for Advanced Catholic Studies at the University of Southern California through the generous support of an Institute board member, Peter Mullin, who values mentoring.  The Generations in Dialogue (GID) program invites a widely-recognized senior CatholicContinue reading “Call for Applications: Generations in Dialogue Cohort”

The Latin American Church

It is fairly common for Americans to believe that the West is the major exporter of new ideas and trends around the world. For instance, Mark Noll believes that “understanding American patterns provides insight for what has been happening elsewhere in the world.”[1] Although he does not believe this is due to direct causation, heContinue reading “The Latin American Church”

Spiritual Depression (Pt. 2)

Its pretty much guranteed – if you are a Christian you will experience “spiritual depression” at some point.  Much like other forms of depression, “spiritual depression” is marked by an absence of feeling. You don’t feel like pursuing God and you don’t feel like pursuing community. Most importantly, you don’t “feel” God’s presence. Instead youContinue reading “Spiritual Depression (Pt. 2)”

The Catholic Universalist

Pope Francis is a Universalist! At least that is what some people are going to want to say once they read the statements on atheism that he made during his homily at Wednesday Mass on 5/22/13. It has been reported that Francis made some incendiary comments on Wednesday that has infuriated many Catholics and hasContinue reading “The Catholic Universalist”