Book Review – Primal Fire by Neil Cole

In the beginning there was “Missional,” then “Gospel-Centered,” and finally “APEST.” Don’t get me wrong I believe recovering the Ephesians 4 gifts (APEST) is super important, but at times it seems like it’s a niche that has been overpopulated, so when a new APEST book comes out you don’t need to take much notice –Continue reading “Book Review – Primal Fire by Neil Cole”


Missiology Book Review: Creating a Missional Culture (Part 1)

A few months ago I had lunch with the author of Creating a Missional Culture, we ended up going to eat at a Thai place near my church. Being from East Hollywood, JR Woodward was used to some really good authentic Thai food, so walking into the restaurant we were having lunch at I couldContinue reading “Missiology Book Review: Creating a Missional Culture (Part 1)”