This Paycheck’s Book Purchases (October 26th)

A few weeks ago I started a new type of blog entry, “This Paycheck’s Book Purchases.” Each time I get paid I buy a couple of books and I share with you, the world, what I am reading and why I am excited to read those books. As I get married I am sure thisContinue reading “This Paycheck’s Book Purchases (October 26th)”

The Journal Entries of Jonathan Edwards – Pride

The following is a Journal Entry from “Wednesday, Jan. 9. at Night.” Decayed. I am sometimes apt to think, I have a great deal more of Holiness than I have. I find now and then, that abominable Corruption which is directly contrary to what I read of eminent Christians. How deceitful is my Heart! IContinue reading “The Journal Entries of Jonathan Edwards – Pride”