This Paycheck’s Book Purchases (October 26th)

A few weeks ago I started a new type of blog entry, “This Paycheck’s Book Purchases.” Each time I get paid I buy a couple of books and I share with you, the world, what I am reading and why I am excited to read those books. As I get married I am sure thisContinue reading “This Paycheck’s Book Purchases (October 26th)”

Communities on Mission to our Neighborhoods (Pt. 4)

Last time, in Communities on Mission to our Neighborhoods (Pt. 3), we looked at three basic steps to engaging on mission to our neighborhoods, campuses, and communities. Today we will take these three “theoretical steps” and work them out practically. __________________________________ The goals we have been talking about the last few days might seem daunting, and theyContinue reading “Communities on Mission to our Neighborhoods (Pt. 4)”