Music Monday – Who You Know? (Derek Minor)

Just a few weeks ago – December 27th – rapper Derek Minor released his brand new record: Empire. The beats on this record are sick & production is top-notch. The type of music he makes will appeal mostly to Christians – but if you aren’t paying attention to the lyrics and just the beats andContinue reading “Music Monday – Who You Know? (Derek Minor)”

Problem by Chad Jones (feat. Propaganda & Canon)

This actually sounds like “mainstream” hip-hop aka the production quality is great, the flow is sick, and the lyrics aren’t overly simplistic (unlike most Christian hip hop). Check Out Chad Jones’ EP – Keep Up Noteworthy Songs: “I Know” & “Hold Up”

Music Review – good Kid. m.A.Ad City by Kendrick Lamar

Last time I explained why Kenrick Lamar should have won the Grammy for best rap album over Macklemore. Today we are going to take an in depth look at good Kid. m.A.Ad City. The album is presented as a film student’s script. He is filming a short film depicting the life of our protagonist KendrickContinue reading “Music Review – good Kid. m.A.Ad City by Kendrick Lamar”

Kendrick Got Robbed at the Grammys

I love Christian commentary on all of the big awards shows. I’m serious, I really do. I’m not a huge fan of the deeply theological assessments but I do enjoy the witty tweets and one liners on Facebook. This year the Grammys generated some really witty tweets and one liners. Church Curmudgeon: I must say,Continue reading “Kendrick Got Robbed at the Grammys”