I Pledge Allegiance To….

Over the last few weeks I have been answering some common questions about Christianity and Culture. Today I turn my attention to the other subject one is never supposed to talk about in a proper setting. Thankfully this isn’t a proper setting – so lets talk politics! How does Christian allegiance intersect with national allegiance?Continue reading “I Pledge Allegiance To….”

Niebuhr, Christ, and Culture (Pt. 1)

Niebuhr’s book Christ and Culture is a classic book on the history of the interaction between Christianity and the culture around it. Over the next few days I’m going to share some thoughts I have on this book…. Are his five types accurate? I think that Niebuhr’s typology pretty accurately represents my experience interacting withContinue reading “Niebuhr, Christ, and Culture (Pt. 1)”

Recommended books on Christ and Culture

If you are looking for some books on the interaction between Christianity and Culture here are some I definitely recommend. D.A. Carson – Known more for his exegetical prowess than his cultural engagement, but in recent years he has entered the arena of “Christ and Culture”. Carson, D. A. Christ and Culture Revisited. Eerdmans, 2008.Continue reading “Recommended books on Christ and Culture”

Christ, Culture, and College Students – A Reformed Perspective (Pt. 4)

Last time we looked at the concept of cultural transformation. Today we turn to our third subject: cultural transformation and the Biblical meta-narrative. _________________________________ Transforming Culture and the Biblical Meta-Narrative There are many Christians throughout the history of the Church who have held the view that God desires to transform culture; that God desires someContinue reading “Christ, Culture, and College Students – A Reformed Perspective (Pt. 4)”