Last Will and Testament of an Ex-Literary Critic

Today we continue a mini-series on the philosophy of doing history. In the next few days we will take a look at all sorts of views regarding how to do history. These views range from critical realist accounts all the way to post-structuralist accounts and even some feminist accounts. “Last Will and Testament of anContinue reading “Last Will and Testament of an Ex-Literary Critic”

My Reading List for June Through July

For those of you who are curious, here is my reading list for the rest of June through the month of July: Theology Karl Barth – Evangelical Theology Athanasius – De Incarnatione Philosophy Marcus Pound – A (very) Critical Introduction to Zizek Literature C.S. Lewis – On Stories: And Other Essays on Literature Paulo CohelloContinue reading “My Reading List for June Through July”

The Poetry of George Herbert: “The Sacrifice” (Pt. 1)

Last night I spent some time reading some of the poetry of George Herbert. It was sort of a devotional for me; sort of like spending some time listening to worship songs. As I was reading I came across one of his longer poems: “The Sacrifice.” Situated right after “The Altar” (you know the poem,Continue reading “The Poetry of George Herbert: “The Sacrifice” (Pt. 1)”