Paul’s Theology of Preaching

The argument of Paul’s Theology of Preaching can be broken up into two steps: 1)Begin by showing the distinctives of Greco-Roman rhetoric. 2)Show How Paul’s first four chapters in 1 Corinthians is meant to address preaching done in view of Greco-Roman Rhetoric. The fundamental assumption behind Greco-Roman Rhetoric is that the audience + the speaker’sContinue reading “Paul’s Theology of Preaching”


The Poetry of George Herbert: “The Sacrifice” (Pt. 1)

Last night I spent some time reading some of the poetry of George Herbert. It was sort of a devotional for me; sort of like spending some time listening to worship songs. As I was reading I came across one of his longer poems: “The Sacrifice.” Situated right after “The Altar” (you know the poem,Continue reading “The Poetry of George Herbert: “The Sacrifice” (Pt. 1)”