The Eclipse of the Old Testament

This week in my Hebrews class we were studying chapter 7, focusing on how the author of Hebrews uses the Old Testament (specifically the story of Melchizedek) to make Christological point. I asked the students the following question: How do we understand the importance of the Old Testament even though in one sense it hasContinue reading “The Eclipse of the Old Testament”

It’s not a coincidence! Yes it is….

When somebody starts of a sentence by saying, “this might be just be a coincidence, but…” I immediately get skeptical. When somebody starts off a comment in class by saying “this might be a coincidence, but…” I immediately roll my eyes. Its my experience that most of the time when people say “this might justContinue reading “It’s not a coincidence! Yes it is….”

Edwards and Franklin (Pt. 5)

Over the last few days (with a few interruptions in between) we have been comparing Jonathan Edwards with Benjamin Franklin. So far we have seen how different they were in their religious upbringings, their attitude towards tradition, and their views on virtue. Today we wrap up this series by comparing their views on science andContinue reading “Edwards and Franklin (Pt. 5)”

Edwards and Franklin (Pt. 4)

Jonathan Edwards and Benjamin Franklin lived in an era marked by change. People’s view of the natural world was changing, people’s views on religion and theology were changing, and people’s views on the nature of authority and government were really changing. Both men grew up in a particular tradition and they had to navigate theirContinue reading “Edwards and Franklin (Pt. 4)”

Edwards and Franklin (Pt. 3)

Last time we took a look at the difference between Jonathan Edwards’ and Benjamin Franklin’s religious upbringings. Today we will take a look at the difference in their attitudes towards tradition. Jonathan and Benjamin on Tradition Benjamin Franklin is known for being a progressive thinker. His progressivism and tendency to break from tradition is especiallyContinue reading “Edwards and Franklin (Pt. 3)”

Edwards and Franklin (Pt. 2)

George Marsden loved to study history (I guess he still loves because he is still alive) by comparing major historical figures. In, A Short Life of Jonathan Edwards, George compares Ben Franklin with Jonathan Edwards. Over the next few days I want to highlight some of the comparisons the Marsden makes: Jonathan and Ben’s PiousContinue reading “Edwards and Franklin (Pt. 2)”

Edwards and Franklin (Pt. 1)

While at Fuller Seminary one of my favorite professors was George Marsden. George wasn’t on the regular faculty, he was just a visiting professor, nevertheless it was cool to have him come in every year and teach an intensive on Evangelicalism & Fundamentalism or Jonathan Edwards & C.S. Lewis. Learning about Edwards from him wasContinue reading “Edwards and Franklin (Pt. 1)”

A Dose of Theology – Abecedarians

Today I’m strarting what I hope will be a (fairly) regular series on this blog, its called “A Dose of Theology.” In it I will be pointing out an interesting theological term and giving you some useful (and maybe not so useful) information on it. This week’s term comes to you thanks to the peopleContinue reading “A Dose of Theology – Abecedarians”

How To Read the Bible (I’m Not Being Snarky!)

The last post in this series of posts on hermeneutics was titled: How to Read Your Bible (or How You Actually Read the Bible), I must admit that that the title was a bit snarky. You probably thought I was going to tell you about ways to read your bible but I fooled you and showedContinue reading “How To Read the Bible (I’m Not Being Snarky!)”

Interpreting the History of American Evangelicalism: 2 Lenses (Part 1)

It has been said that one of the themes in the history of evangelicalism is that energetic populist or democratic new movements eventually become more middle class and staid. One might seek to interpret the history of American Christianity in light of this lens (the democratization of American Christianity). However there are other primary lensesContinue reading “Interpreting the History of American Evangelicalism: 2 Lenses (Part 1)”