This Paycheck’s Book Purchases (November 1st)

I got my EBC paycheck last week, so here are the two books I bought with it….

Theology in Transposition: A Constructive Appraisal of T. F. Torrance – Myk Habets

Theology in Transposition

Books about T.F. Torrance are actually quite rare. As I move towards doing my Th.M I hope to do work on Torrance (or Edwards). Hopefully over the next few years the literature on Torrance will steadily grown. Until then we will have to make due with Elmer Colyer’s book on Torrance and now Myk Habets’ book. Here is the Amazon summary: T. F. Torrance was one of the most significant English–language theologians of the 20th century known extensively for his curatorship of the English translation of Barth’s Church Dogmatics but also for his own prodigious theological scholarship. The complexity and astonishing breadth of Torrance’s output, however, have made assessment and appropriation markedly difficult. This volume seeks to rectify that lack of assessment through careful exposition of the vital centers and interconnections within Torrance’s theology alongside constructive appraisal and critique of his contributions to contemporary theology.

Christology, Ancient and Modern: Explorations in Constructive Dogmatics (Proceedings of the Los Angeles Theology Conference) – Fred Sanders & Oliver Crisp

LATC 13 book

Last January the first annual LATC was held at Biola University. I was lucky enough to attend the festivities. Festivities is actually the best way to describe this conference. I have never seen this many people this excited for an academic theology conference. We laughed, we cried, and we worshipped (and that was just Alan Torrance’s session)! This is the way theology conferences are supposed to be. Now the plenary lectures plus a few of the breakout sessions are available in paper format. I missed Hunsinger’s talk, so I look forward to reading what he had to say. Here is the Amazon synopsis: A Fresh Look at the Doctrine of Christ,Essential for Modern Theological Work Christology was the central doctrine articulated by the early church councils, and it remains the subject of vigorous theological investigation today. The study of the doctrine of Christ is a field of broad ecumenical convergence, inviting theologians from all denominational settings to fruitful collaborative exploration. In the contemporary setting, it is especially crucial for theologians to investigate the scriptural witness afresh, to retrieve classical criteria and categories from the tradition, and to consider the generative pressure of soteriology for Christology proper. The first annual Los Angeles Theology Conference sought to make a positive contribution to contemporary dogmatics in intentional engagement with the Christian tradition. Christology, Ancient and Modern brings together conference proceedings, surveying the field and articulating the sources, norms, and criteria for constructive theological work in Christology.


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