Favorite Book of 2022 + Books I Read

This year I focused on reading books and articles on the doctrine of creation, theological anthropology, vocation, and prayer. However, I still went back to my first love: Doctrine of Atonement. In light of that, I present to you my favorite book of 2022! Rethinking the Atonement New Perspectives on Jesus’s Death, Resurrection, and AscensionContinue reading “Favorite Book of 2022 + Books I Read”

Angels – The Andrew Fuller Virtual Conference

Among the fascinations of western culture in the early twenty-first century are angels and extra-terrestrial beings. Yet the church, which has a rich history of reflecting on such beings, especially angels, is virtually silent about the subject. This is especially true of those people who prize the Bible, namely, Evangelicals, who have largely ceded thisContinue reading “Angels – The Andrew Fuller Virtual Conference”

Review: Insider Jesus by William Dyrness

William Dyrness’s book, Insider Jesus, is an attempt to provide a theological framework for evaluating “insider movements.” He adopts Scott Moreau’s definition of insider movements as, “movements to obedient faith in Christ that remain integrated with or inside their natural community.” (Dyrness 2016, 133) While Dyrness does not attempt to evaluate insider movements he presentsContinue reading “Review: Insider Jesus by William Dyrness”

Call for Abstracts: 6th Annual Theistic Ethics Workshop

Call for Abstracts 6th Annual Theistic Ethics Workshop College of William and Mary October 22-24, 2020 Confirmed Speakers: Lara Buchak (University of California, Berkeley) Helen De Cruz (St. Louis University) Christian Miller (Wake Forest University) Derk Pereboom (Cornell University) Samuel Fleischacker (U of Illinois, Chicago) Goal: Contemporary philosophy of religion has been richly informed by importantContinue reading “Call for Abstracts: 6th Annual Theistic Ethics Workshop”

Non-Reductive Physicalism – Some Problems (Part 2)

Yesterday, I mentioned one challenge that non-reductive physicalists face. Today I’d like to mention two more. The Problem of the Intermediate State… A second challenge that the nonreductive physicalist faces is the problem of the intermediate state and the afterlife. All physicalist accounts face the problem of a “gappy existence” during the intermediate state. ThatContinue reading “Non-Reductive Physicalism – Some Problems (Part 2)”

Why Do Christology?

Why do Christology? Mackintosh suggests that four motives may be found in the New Testament itself: It was believed that Jesus was the fulfillment of OT prophecy, and that God’s revelation ended with him. If so, who was/is he? Jesus exaltation and his gift of the Spirit mean that he is Lord, begetting in believersContinue reading “Why Do Christology?”

This is my planet! I claim it in the name of the cross!

Check out this vintage video of Gordon Fee teaching on Eschatology: He really starts preaching at around 4:40-5:40! SO GOOD! Gordon Fee, in this short video clip, provides a brief master class on the effectiveness of using a historical illustration to teach a Biblical principle, namely, a lesson on D-Day, the Allied invasion of NormandyContinue reading “This is my planet! I claim it in the name of the cross!”

Eschatology and Sanctification

Among other things, Michael Allen writes about eschatology and sanctification in a blog post about is upcoming book New Studies in Dogmatics: Sanctification. Other things surprised me, however, as I have prepared the volume. I did know that matters of creation and of eschatology would be crucial for defining the nature and purpose of creaturelyContinue reading “Eschatology and Sanctification”

A Heart for All Ethnicities

A colleague of mine at Eternity Bible College recently a discipleship guid which includes the topic of God’s heart for all cultures. The words are powerful… Our Father has a heart for all ethnicities. He desires a multi-ethnic family. The gospel has the power to not only save people but also break down barriers thatContinue reading “A Heart for All Ethnicities”

If You Want to Learn Something about Bultmann, Read Bultmann

Originally posted on Zwinglius Redivivus:
But if you want to UNDERSTAND Bultmann, read Congdon.  And now, you can sample his game-changing book- Contents Preface Introduction Excerpt from Chapter 1 “For two generations theology has ‘gone around’ Bultmann rather than through him. This evasion has led either to scholarly retreats into the false securities of the…