Non-Reductive Physicalism – Some Problems (Part 2)

Yesterday, I mentioned one challenge that non-reductive physicalists face. Today I’d like to mention two more. The Problem of the Intermediate State… A second challenge that the nonreductive physicalist faces is the problem of the intermediate state and the afterlife. All physicalist accounts face the problem of a “gappy existence” during the intermediate state. ThatContinue reading “Non-Reductive Physicalism – Some Problems (Part 2)”


Non-Reductive Physicalism – Some Problems (Part 1)

Holding to non-Reductive physicalism has some benefits…. First, it takes seriously the dualist’s intuition—and the biblical data—that we cannot be reduced to the material; that is, we are more than merely matter. Second, it might avoid the reductionist pitfall of eliminating moral responsibility. Some people, like Nancey Murphy, have argued that can provide an accountContinue reading “Non-Reductive Physicalism – Some Problems (Part 1)”

The Brain, the Mind, and the Person Within (Review)

It might just be because of the time I have spent at Fuller Seminary or maybe it’s the work that I have done with Templeton funded projects but, it seems to me, that the intersection of neuroscience and theology is a very rapidly growing field. Given neuroscience is not an easily accessible field, good introductionsContinue reading “The Brain, the Mind, and the Person Within (Review)”