Back to Africa – I am Going to Liberia!

Mangrove trees, political refugees, diamonds, civil wars, American colonialization, and yes even surfers.

Those are just a few things that might come to mind when you think about the West African country of Liberia. But the fact that has drawn most attention is the violence experienced during the late 90’s and early 2000’s that led to the death of between 250,000 and 520,000 people. This is where I am going later on this week – but I am getting ahead of myself.

My last year has been packed with changes – I graduated from Fuller Seminary, began working at Eternity Bible College, I helped to start a parachurch organization called Training Leaders International (we provide theological and ministerial training for underresourced pastors in Latin America), I presented my first academic paper at a theology conference, and I began working as the College Ministry Director at The Church at Rocky Peak. And even more important than all of those things – I got married to my beautiful and godly wife, Amelia! So as you see most of my ministry efforts here have been focused on equipping the church – and now the Lord is giving me another opportunity to help equip the church but this time its on a completely different continent: I am going to Liberia!

Liberia Map

Early Thursday morning I will be heading out to Liberia with a team from Rocky Peak – we will be doing two things while we are over there

  1. We will be making prescription glasses for people suffering the effects of the past civil war. The last civil war completely wrecked the country – it wrecked the country economically and it destroyed its infrastructure, in fact 95% of all healthcare facilities were destroyed. Because people are poor and there are very few medical facilities there is a big need for medical attention – the provision of prescription eyeglasses helps that issue.
  2. Global Ministries Pastor Brian Morehead and I will be training pastors and leaders who are part of a church planting network. Now I am not church planter, but I desperately care about leadership development, multiplication, theology, and missions. We will be leading some seminars covering those four areas. Also I will be bringing over theological resources for the pastors.

If you know me, you know that I see my call as the call to equip the church for the sake of mission. I am an equipper at heart – that is why I have gravitated towards so many teaching roles. The Lord has blessed me with many opportunities to do that.

To equip the church for the sake of mission.

As I go out to Liberia to share the gospel, provide for much needed physical needs, and equip pastors and leaders please be praying for me and the team. Please pray for these things:

  • That the Liberians would be receptive to the gospel.
  • That God’s Kingdom would come in power in Liberia.
  • That our team would follow the leading of the Holy Spirit
  • That Jesus’ name would be exalted because of what we are doing.
  • That the work we do would result in the multiplication of leaders and churches.
  • That the leaders and pastors would be receptive to what we have to say.
  • That the team would be culturally and contextually sensitive.
  • That the team would be safe as we travel.

Our team leaves 3/13 and we come back on 3/24 so please be praying for us! Also, please consider prayerfully how you can partner with me in the promoting the Gospel and bringing God’s kingdom to bear in a place that has been devastated by war and violence. That might be through prayer or it might be through financial partnership. If you would like to take part in what God is doing through this trip you can contribute by going to the Rocky Peak Global Ministries Website. (Just click the link.)

May God’s name be glorified, may his Kingdom be expanded.
-Chris Woznicki

For the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the LORD as the waters cover the sea. – Habbakuk 2:14


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Chris Woznicki is an Assistant Adjunct Professor of Theology at Fuller Theological Seminary. He works as the regional training associate for the Los Angeles region of Young Life.

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