Roman Catholic Contextualization

It has been said that up until recently western missions has been a process of cultural domination – i.e. westernization. Although there is a ring of truth to this, we know that the Vatican sent out instructions to its missionaries, through the Sacred Congregation for the Propagation of Faith, in 1659 instructing it missionaries notContinue reading “Roman Catholic Contextualization”

Urban Population

Over the past decade or so missiologists have increasingly noted how important urban centers will be (and to a huge extent already are) for mission. There are many factors as to why this is so – for instance the size, complexity, migration/immigration, ethnocentrism/ethnic diversity, and wealth/poverty that all exist in tension within cities. However oneContinue reading “Urban Population”

10 Statements About the Gospel

Gospel this, gospel that, gospel here, gospel there, gospel everywhere! Now a days it seems like everything is “gospel,” but if everything is the gospel┬áthen nothing is the gospel. However, this does not mean that the gospel does not have breadth, the gospel might be a lot more multifaceted than we think…. The word “gospel”Continue reading “10 Statements About the Gospel”