Christ and Reconciliation

Training Leaders International is a missions organization devoted to training leaders in the global south who find themselves in need of formal theological education. TLI (as it is often called) just started a journal called Journal of Global Christianity (JGC). The journal was birthed out of three desires: To provide the global church an opportunityContinue reading “Christ and Reconciliation”

Equipping the Church International (ECI) – Updates

As you, the reader, probably know, I am on the board for a non-profit orgnization called Equipping the Church International (or ECI for short). We are an organization that provides theological education for under resourced pastors in Latin America. We are barely getting started up, but exciting opportunities are already coming our way! For exampleContinue reading “Equipping the Church International (ECI) – Updates”

What They Really Need Is…

So yesterday (4/19/13) I presented a paper at the Evangelical Theological Society’s Far Western Annual Conference. I talked about how Pneumatology can integrate Atonement and Epistemology. As I tell people that I am pretty active in reading/writing theology some people wonder what the point of all of that is. Some wonder why I devote soContinue reading “What They Really Need Is…”