Book Review – From Jesus to the Church by Craig Evans

Craig Evans was my first ever professor at Fuller Seminary – he was teaching a summer course on the gospels. That was my first ever exposure to historical Jesus studies, and I have been hooked ever since. So when I was presented with an opportunity to review Evans’ book From Jesus to the Church: TheContinue reading “Book Review – From Jesus to the Church by Craig Evans”

N.T. Wright on Reading the Psalms Pneumatologically

Last time we saw that N.T. Wright challenges us to read the Psalms Christologically. Wright builds upon this theme and challenges us to read those same temple psalms Pneumatologically: Sing them also pneumatologically, that is reflect as you sing, on the New Testament’s vision of the church as the new Temple, indwelt by the SpiritContinue reading “N.T. Wright on Reading the Psalms Pneumatologically”